How Can a Mormon Become a Christian? The Mormon Church Explained

There are many arguments backward and forward in between the Mormons and Christians regarding truly what it boils down to is what holds true Christianity and who can be classified as Christians. The anti-Mormons will argue that even if the Mormons think in Jesus does not make them a Christian because even the devils think in Jesus.

The argument will retort right back by the Mormons once again that the think what Christianity is amongst Christians is that it once again does not describe the very same kind of Christianity that happened in the New Testament.


Christian Thinking

The argument by the Mormons is that there is absolutely nothing to say that Christians should think in other works such as the creeds or the Martin Luther works. Bottom line boils down to a Christian is an individual that thinks in worshiping Christ. Their argument about the devils understanding about Christ they accept but they also will mention that the satanic forces do not call or praise or look for Christ in any way so it boils down to no requirements.


Christianity of Mormonism

The Mormons will direct an anti-Mormon to search for the word Christian in any of the analyses of the Bible which all 3 of these significant books will support the Christianity of Mormonism. More so than any of the other faiths will support that they have prophets amongst them whereas the Mormons are very strong on this point. The Mormons feel that they are not as important about other faiths as what Christians are to theirs.

The issue with this is however will the Mormon church accept those that do not follow their teaching precisely as being a Mormon.


How can you call yourself Christians when you do not praise the Jesus of the bible?

There have  been many quotes and arguments from people that have  been hard on the Mormon faith and for their own factors have  left of this society. A few of their arguments have been based upon that the Mormons think that Jesus Christ was a developed being, that he was the spirit sibling Lucifer, which Jesus was a God in himself being a different being.



They will even more go on to argue that the Mormons think that Jesus made his redemption which God himself makes no need for redemption. The belief is that Jesus was a flesh and blood born child. A lot of these remarks will originate from people that have put excellent research study into the teaching and much of them profess that they did so with an open mind.

Naturally there are many arguments presented by the Mormons in retort to this kind of argument. And nobody would remove from that they can safeguard what they think in.


For every single argument that is presented that there will be an excellent argument into the analysis of various bibles within the holy Bible. It is hard to understand whether the Mormons will say that they have checked out the whole Bible and it is rather obvious that they are only available to pieces of the Bible that they will depend on.

This can be rather discouraging because it resembles stating that they will promote the Scripture if it supports their belief but if it breaks what they think then they feel that this is a man made part or misinterpreted part of the Bible.

In truth it is typically stated that the arguments that are presented in regard to breaking Mormonism is an unchristian act in itself. There are referrals made to that some religious beliefs practice communion and some Christians implicate them of being pagan or perhaps dedicating an act of cannibalism.

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