Finding Furniture for a Tiny House

As much as we all love the idea of living in a tiny house, there are several things that we don’t really put much thought into before beginning to dream about it. Things like zoning restrictions, plumbing, and electrical hookups, as well as how living in a tiny space will affect our lives are all things that we should think of first before taking the plunge into the tiny life.

However, once we put these factors into perspective and begin to build or buy a tiny house, we still need to figure out what we’re going to put into our tiny house. It’s obvious that we’re going to need chairs, tables, and beds. But, when you live in a tiny house, a full-size couch or kitchen table just isn’t going to be practical.

This leaves us wondering where to find small furniture that will fit into our tiny houses for sale in PA without taking up all the space. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a few tips on where to find furniture for tiny houses.

  • Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture is a company that offers a wide range of appliances and furniture that are perfect for tiny living. They offer many different types of furniture such as multi-functional bed sets that fold up into a wall and convertible tables that can easily retract and be stored away. The company may be a bit pricey, however, they offer worldwide shipping and have an abundance of designs that are sure to match anyone’s tastes.

  • DIY Galvanized Furniture

In recent years, building your own furniture out of galvanized pipes and fittings seems to have taken the internet by storm. Just one look on Pinterest or Instagram and you’ll find thousands of DIY projects that are stylish and easy on the budget. By getting crafty with these materials, you’ll be able to easily build your own shelves, chairs and even desks. Like we said, just do a quick search on Google and you’ll find tons of neat DIY projects that are great for tiny living.

  • Resource Furniture

Another great website for finding unique pieces of tiny furniture is Resource Furniture. They take a different approach to tiny furniture and are always stylish and incredibly modern. Upon your first visit to their site, you’ll instantly find tons of different ways in which you can turn a tiny space into a gorgeous home. Some of their best-sellers are sofa wall beds, pocket chairs and coffee tables that can be adjusted in height.

  • Get Creative

There are no stores that sell furniture designed specifically for tiny houses. However, one of the best parts about living in a tiny house is that it forces you to get creative with your space. You learn how to connect with your space on a different level and learn to truly understand what you need and what you can live without.

For many, it’s surprising to learn how easy it is to actually live without a dresser in your bedroom or a dedicated full-time table in your kitchen. Instead, you find new ways of organizing your things and making your space work in harmony with your life.

When living in a tiny house, it’s important to take the time to figure out how to make the most of your limited space. Even though your home is tiny, there’s no need to feel limited. In fact, you should feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities that tiny living can offer. Instead of looking for furniture designed specifically for a tiny house, find furniture that you love and figure out how you can make them work.

In the end, it’s your house and your life. So, make the most of it, get creative and soon you’ll be living in a tiny house tailored to the life that you’ve always wanted to live!…