Evolution of Christianity Within the Past 100 Years

If we return a thousand years, the majority of the modern-day faiths like Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism were all well developed faiths of the world. There may not have been many Buddhists in Europe and there was most likely few Jews in China. These faiths typically remained within their managing borders.



Let’s take a look at among these religious beliefs a century back. 1909, United States of America and Christianity is without a doubt the top religious’ beliefs in this part of the world. In 1909, there was still hellfire and brimstone preaching. They were typically using worry as the main inspiration to get people to comply with their beliefs. This is still going on today, with the exception of the details age and the Internet. This has resulted in the direct exposure of some spiritual texts, issues and errors.

Details is never ever a good idea for people who look for to manage the masses of people, with an improperly established plan or spiritual text that is frequently out-of-date and exceptionally inconsistent.


Christianity and Modern America

Let’s return 50 years and take a look at the year 1959 and how Christianity impacted modern Americans. My dad was typically going to church Wednesday night and for a couple of hours on Sunday. My grandma and grandpa were devout Christians and came from the Dutch Reform Church.

They were, what I would think about to be super Christians, they may not have comprehended everything in the Bible but comprehended the worry produced from their leaders. Most 1959 Christians, comprehended the rage of God.



Now let’s go to modern, 2009 Christian America. Things have not changed that much, most Christians under the age of 50, not uses fits to church, church youth groups have become up-to-date and enable a rock-and-roll style Christian music, which would have never ever been accepted 50 years back. The advancement of Christianity, within the previous 100 years has adjusted to change respectable.

Christians a century back, feared God’s rage and going to hell. Modern-day Christians who are embedded in their beliefs, typically feel the very same way. Although Christians today have access to details on the Internet, books, libraries and cope with in a multicultural variety of people and religious beliefs, a few of them still hold on to their old beliefs.

It’s hard to envision, with the info today as well as 50 years ago that the majority of people still think in faiths all over the world, even if they were raised to think in them. Faiths of the future will need to adjust to change, a little faster as more people check out posts like mine to promote education within your religious beliefs.…

Does America Need More Religion?

Well, it’s an election year and the conservatives appear to have a good lock down on the strong Christian population, ready to re-take the power base by storm if there is the smallest hick-up with the Obama Administration. For that reason, I wasn’t all that shocked to see a giant short article in the WSJ on the subject of religious beliefs just recently. Okay let’s talk.


The Decline

On or about the 3-day weekend of President’s Day in the USA there was an intriguing short article in the Wall Street Journal’s Review Section entitled; “Religion for Everybody” with a subtitle of; “The Decline of Religion in the West brought a decrease in neighborhood spirit. Could the nonreligious world draw helpful lessons from spiritual life?

“We all stand to learn something from the methods which religious beliefs promotes morality, motivates travel, trains minds, and motivates thankfulness at the charm of life.”


Hole in the Head

So, does the USA need more religious beliefs today, well here is what I say; “like a hole in the head it does.” We do not need more religious beliefs in the United States, it’s a crutch rather honestly, and I can recall the type of neighborhood which works under the pressure of spiritual fundamentalism, should I point out the Salem Witch Trials? Sure, something like that would definitely motivate me to take a trip too, to get from there. Not the kind of neighborhood I am trying to find thank you quite.

Certainly, according to the Salem Witch Trial page on WikiPedia, which you might rule out a feasible source, but I sure do, it’s close enough to show you point of contention; “The 2 courts founded guilty twenty-nine people of the capital felony of witchcraft. 19 of the implicated, 14 women and 5 men, were carried out by hanging.

How about a few of the more basic sects of Islam rather, after all Christians have done some not so good ideas with faith, well, have you become aware of Sharia Law recently, is that your idea of a ‘sense of neighborhood’ because it sure as heck would not be my own.

What about Catholicism? Sure, great deals of Catholics in the US, but what about those uncommon difficulties with Priests, Bishops, and well, kids? Well, even with my review here, the majority of the religious beliefs of the world have some good architecture, which merits.

Image source: infographicsking.com