About Us

We’re twenty- and thirty something Christians looking for God and aiming to affect the world around us. We are people who wish to live well– outwardly, artistically and purposefully. We are pro-Church and wish to love our next-door neighbors as ourselves. We serve the Creator, so we love fantastic art– whether that be redemptive music, motion pictures, books or design. We are everyday looking for to demonstrate how God is at operate in the world and in our generation.

We aim to release concepts that break stereotypes, challenge the status quo and stimulate a generation to know God more– and change the world while they’re at it. We wish to engage our generation in a much deeper discussion about faith, challenging worldviews and triggering people to see God outside package they’ve put Him in. Experiencing God modifications things.

Our company believes God lives and speaking both inside and outside the 4 walls of the church. That’s why we cover life concerns and culture beside social justice and spiritual development. But we also think in the value of the Church and wish to be drivers for change instead of part of the mass exodus of our generation leaving it.